Soft magnetic alloys
48NiFe has expansion that matches soda-lead and soda-lime glass. Used as leads for electronic applications. It is also used in thermostats for industrial applications upto 450°C.


These alloys are used in applications requiring the following characteristics: high permeability, high saturation magnetostriction, low hysteresis-energy loss, low eddy-current loss in alternating flux, low curie temperature, vonstant permeability with changing temperature.


Alloy Werkstoff-Nr. UNS DIN
48NiFe 1.3922 2.4545 17745

Chemical composition

Alloy Ni % Mo % Fe %
48NiFe 48 79-82 balance

Main grades

Chemical Grade Saturation induction Bs/T Rs Br/Bm Curie Temp Tc/℃ Coercive force Hc/A•m-1 Initial Permeability mH•m-1 Max Permeability μm/mH•m-1 Resistivity μΩ•cm
48NiFe 1.3922 ≥ 1.50 0.72 500 ≤ 8.8 2.8-5.9 31-65 45

Size range

Wires: 5.0 mm diameter to 0.1 mm diameter.