Vladimir Plant of Precision Alloys provides outstanding customer service in order to insure the proper selection of raw base materials in different applications. It is formulated in production of appropriate chemical composition and traceable mechanical and physical properties that our customers expect.


Our alloys are available in strip, bar, wire and rod forms. The dimensional capabilities in these forms are listed in the table below. Additional dimensions shall be requested as per customer specifications.


Wire - VLADIMIR PLANT OF PRECISION ALLOYS Diameter Length / Width / Weight Supply Condition
0.20 - 12.0 mm Spools 0,8 - 20 kg
Coils 20 - 150kg
drawn, annealed, bright annealed and oxidized annealed


Strip - VLADIMIR PLANT OF PRECISION ALLOYS Thickness Length /Width / Weight Supply Condition

1.6 - 4.0 mm

max. width 110 mm

cold rolled, bright, bright annealed

Round bars

Round bars - VLADIMIR PLANT OF PRECISION ALLOYS Diameter Length /Width / Weight Supply Condition

4.0 - 50.0 mm

up to 4000mm length and 200 kg weight

rolled, annealed, special temper, aged, peeled, turned, annealed, ground.


Ingots - VLADIMIR PLANT OF PRECISION ALLOYS Diameter Length /Width / Weight Supply Condition

85 - 95 mm

up to 1200 mm length and
60 kg weight

Semi-finished product is readily for further mechanical and thermal treatment. annealed, peeled, turned.

205 - 215 mm

up to 900 mm length and
300 kg weight

*Mechanical properties and type of thermal treatment can be chosen by client

We are able to produce long products from various high nickel alloys in accordance with DIN, ASTM, ASME, DIN, EN, ISO, BS as well as to produce them according to customer specification.

Our alloy portfolio contains various Nickel based alloys:
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