Copper-nickel heating resistance alloys with high resistance to chemical corrosion and oxidation with low temperature coefficient.
Certain electrical resistance reached by wounding of wires in coils and meantime current passed through it – Heat is generating!

Chemical composition

CopperCuBal. Nickel Ni30.0% ManganeseMn1.5%

Physical properties

Tensile strenth, MPa Elastic limit, MPa Resistivity at 20°C (µOhm-cm) Density (g/cm3) Linear Expansion Coeff. (10-6/K) (up to 100°C) Approximate melting point, (°C)
300-500 150-300 8.9 30 15.7 1150
Recommended operating temperature in the air is 500°C


  • electrical resistors and heating wires
  • heating cables, mats and cords
  • temperature indicators and energy regulators

 CuNi23Mn datasheet.  Download(206KB)