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Ø 0.2 - 12.0 mm
Ø 5.0 - 60.0 mm
Welding Consumables
Ø 0.8 - 5.0 mm
2.0 - 4.0 mm
Stranded wire

About us

Vladimir Plant of Precision Alloys is a well-established company, dealing with high-nickel alloys. As a customer oriented company we put the client's satisfaction at the first place of all our activities. We bring the best service and rewarding experience for more than thousand satisfied customers all over the world. Our main principle is a constant development for meeting the market needs in quality products with high availability. VZPS is a fully-integrated factory which is capable to meet strict international standards in high-quality alloy products and provide a full range of services: Melting, Re-melting (ESR, VAR ), Hot rolling, Cold rolling, Cold drawing, Heat treating.
30 days

minimum delivery time

100 kg

minimum order quantity


TUV, CE-Mark,
ISO 9001

40 countries

export of precision alloys to 40 countries


customers from various industries


Electrical resistance alloys

NiCr 80 20 (2.4869, UNS N06003), NiCr 70 30 (2.4658, UNS N06008), NiCr 60 15 (2.4867, UNS N06004), NiCr 30 20 (1.4860)


Nickel 200 (2.4060/2.4061, UNS N02200), Nickel 201 (2.4066/2.4088, UNS N02201), Nickel 205 (2.4061), Nickel 212

Welding consumables

ERNiCrMo-3 (Alloy 625), ERNiCr-3 (Alloy 82), ERNiCr-6 (NiCr 80/20), ERNiCrFe-11 (Alloy 601), ERNi-1 (Alloy 61), ERNi-CI (Ni99), ENiFe-CI (NiFe 60:40 / NiFe 55:45), ER2209, ER385

Heat & corrosion resistance alloys

NiCr 80 20 Nb, Alloy 330 (1.4864, UNS N08330), Alloy 330 Nb (1.4887), Alloy 600 (2.4816, UNS N06600), Alloy 601 (2.4851, UNS N06601), Alloy 625 (2.4856, UNS N06625), Alloy 718 (2.4668, UNS N07718)

Controlled expansion alloys

29Ni53Fe17Co (1.3981, UNS K94610), 36NiFe (1.3912, UNS K93603), 42NiFe (1.3917, UNS K94100)

Copper-nickel alloys

CuNi 44 (2.0842, UNS C72150), CuNi23Mn (2.0881), Alloy 400 (2.4361), Alloy K-500 (2.4375)

Soft magnetic alloys

48NiFe (1.3922, UNS K94800)
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As an ISO 9001:2015 certified supplier, we will provide alloys, made to your specifications. We maintain a large stock of nickel alloys in the form of ingot, rod and wire and in a multiplicity of diameters. A stock enables us to quickly respond to customer requirements with short lead times. Our customers are consequently at the core of our business and we aim to continually provide the recipe of quality, responsiveness, delivery and competitive prices.

Quality is controlled and tested in the lab in accordance with the specifications or special customer requirements - from receipt of the initial material to delivery, as well as in all critical stages of production. read more

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24/12/2021 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2022!
Vladimir Plant of Precision Alloys (VZPS) wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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01/03/2021 ISO 9001:2015 - Successful Recertification
Vladimir plant of precision alloys has proved its ability to keep high-quality management standards and is now recertified ISO 9001:2015
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