NiCr 80 20
UNS N06003
Werkstoff – Nr. 2.4869
DIN 17470 / 17471
Common trade names: NiCr 80/20, Ni80Cr20, Nichrome 80, Chromel A, N8, Nikrothal 80, Resistohm 80, Cronix 80, Nichrome V, HAI-NiCr 80, X20H80.

NiCr 80 20 is an nickel-chromium alloy for use at temperatures up to 1200°C. Heat resistant alloy applied in oxidizing atmospheres such as nitrogen, ammonia, unstable atmospheres containing sulfur and sulfur compounds. NiCr 80/20 has higher heat-resisting characteristic than Iron-aluminum alloys.

Chemical composition

Nickel Ni min 75.0% ChromiumCr19.0-21.0% IronFe1.0% SiliconSi0.5-2.0% ManganeseMn1.0% CopperCu0.5% CarbonC0.15%

Physical properties

Density at

at 20°C

Melting point,

Max continuous
operating temperature
in air, °C

Magnetic properties

8.3 g/cm3

1.08 (1.12)*



The material is non-magnetic

*Electrical resistivity 1.16 Ω mm2/m corresponds to an Oxidized Annealed condition
  Electrical resistivity 1.19 Ω mm2/m corresponds to a Bright Annealed condition

Mechanical properties

NiCr 80 20
wire, mm
Yield strength
Rp0.2 (MPa)
Tensile strength
Rm (MPa)
A %
Hardness Hv
1.0 420 810 30 180
4.0 300 725 30 160

Product forms

Product Size, mm Condition of supply
wire 0.2 – 12.0 bright annealed
bar 5.0 – 60.0 hot finished
cold finished
bright turned
bright annealed
strip Thickness 2.5 – 5.0
Width 20 – 100
cold finished
bright annealed
stranded wire 2.5 – 3.0 hard


NiCr 8020 (2.4869) is used for electric heating elements in home appliances and industrial furnaces. Typical applications are flat irons, ironing machines, water heaters, plastic moulding dies, soldering irons, metal sheathed tubular elements and cartridge elements.
  • electrical parts and electronic components.
  • electric heating elements (home & industrial use).
  • industrial furnaces up to 1200 °C.
  • heating cables, mats and cords.

Due to extremely good adhesion properties of the surface oxide, NiCr 80 20 offers superior service life compared to competitive nickel-chromium alloys.

Our customers can buy nichrome wire online according to their requests.

 NiCr 8020 datasheet.  Download(302KB)