Alloy 330
UNS N08330
Werkstoff – Nr. 1.4886
SAE AMS 5716

Alloy 330 (NiCr 40/20) is austenitic alloy dope with entity of titanium nitride has a high level of corrosion resistance, particularly to oxidation, carburization and nitridation. It has a solid solution composition and is not hardenable by heat treatment. Its oxidation resistance is enhanced by the silicon content. Can be carry out at temperatures up to 1100°C in neutral atmospheres. It is readily fabricated using standard procedures for stainless steels and nickel alloys.

Chemical composition

Nickel Ni 34-37% Chromium Cr 17-20% Iron Fe balance Carbon C 0.08% max. Silicon Si 0.75-1.5% Manganese Mn 2.0% max.
Phosphorus P 0.030% max. Sulfur S 0.030% max.

Physical properties

Density g/cm3 Electrical resistivity at 20°C Ω mm2/m Melting point °C Max continuous operating temperature in air °C Magnetic properties
7.95 1.09 1400 1100 non-magnetic

Mechanical properties

Yield strength Rp0.2 MPa Tensile strength Rm MPa Elongation A% Hardness Hv
245 580-750 30 220

Product forms

Product Size, mm Condition of supply
wire 0.2 – 12.0 soft annealed
stranded wire 5.0 – 60.0 hot finished
cold finished
bright turned
bright annealed


Alloy 330 is used extensively in elevated temperatures where resistance to the combined effects of thermal cycling and carburization is required. It is using for industrial heating furnaces; for muffles, retorts, conveyor systems, baskets and boxes, and various fixtures:
  • chemical and petrochemical processing
  • ore processing
  • power generation
    1. boiler fixtures
    2. gas turbine components
  • thermal processing
    1. heat-treat furnace containers
    2. heat-treat furnace components
    3. high temperature fans
    4. salt pots

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