Nickel 205

Werkstoff – Nr. 2.4061
DIN 17752/17750/17753

Nickel 205 is commercially pure wrought nickel. Nickel 205 (99,0%) is very similar to Nickel 200 (99,0%) but with additives of Ti and Mg to adjust electrical properties of alloys. So it can be used at higher temperatures and has resistance from being embrittled by intergranular precipitates at temperature from 315°C to 750°C. Excellent resistance to many corrosion media and simplicity of welding allows using this materials in many industries.

Nickel 205 (W. Nr. 2.4066) – can be melt with 99,7% of nickel.

Chemical composition

Nickel Ni+Co 99.0% Manganese Mn 0.35% Iron Fe 0.2% Silicon Si 0.15% Copper Cu 0.15% Carbon C 0.15%
Titan Ti 0.01-0.05% Magnesium Mg 0.01-0.08%

Physical properties

Density g/cm3

Electrical resistivity at 20°C Ω mm2/m

Melting point °C

Thermal expansion ppm/°C 23 до 200 °C

Termal conductivity at 20 °C (W/m/°C )


0.095 1440



Mechanical properties


Tensile strength

Elongation, A %

Nickel 205



Product forms


    Size, mm   

Condition of supply


0.2 – 12.0

            soft annealed

  stranded wire

5.0 – 60.0

            hot finished
            cold finished
            bright turned
            bright annealed


Ability of Nickel 205 is to withstand to extreme operating conditions involving stress and high temperature corrosion environments make this material the most flexible for using it in electric devices and further industries:
  • chemical and food industries
  • electrical parts and electronic components
  • aircraft gas turbines Nuclear power systems
  • magneto-strictive Transducers

Our customers can buy Nickel 205 wire online according to their requests.

 Nickel 205 datasheet. Download(130KB)