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Vladimir Plant of Precision Alloys

Vladimir Plant of Precision Alloys is a well-established and highly qualified manufacturer of products from precious metals for applications demanding high quality, reliability and service.

Vladimir Plant Of Precision Alloys headquartered in Vladimir, Russia, offers a full range of capability in production and process technology of precious metals including semi-finished and finished long products, precision drawn round wire, flat wire and shaped wire including nickel alloy, special stainless steel, in a wide variety of grades and product forms.

Our products, sold to service centers and original equipment manufacturers, are further processed by our customers for use in a variety of industries. Vladimir Plant of Precision Alloys provides fabricated alloys to thousands of customers in Russia, Germany, Spain, Italy, Ukraine, Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries. Our employees possess an enviable combination of many years wire processing experience coupled with engineering and metallurgical technical expertise .These strengths allied to the company policy of continuous investment in quality processing equipment ensures that the highest quality product is produced to meet the most stringent of customers’ requirements.
We are providing the best quality, delivery and service to all our clients.

We can offer

  • Fully integrated operating model starting from melting of raw material to rolling and drawing
  • Wide range of semi-finished and finished nickel alloy and specialty steel products manufactured to customer specifications
  • Most of materials are physically available in our warehouse for immediate dispatch
  • Even the more exotic materials can be sourced quickly in low volume allowing you to keep on-time with your own production schedule
  • Strict management rules from selecting raw material, operating equipment, controlling process and so on.
  • Rigorous strategy execution focused on operational efficiency/unparalleled customer service
  • Consistent capital investment to optimize positioning in recovery and drive profitable growth

Alloys range

Nickel alloys are often required in complex applications, where corrosion and thermal resistance are demanded. Nickel and nickel alloys comprise: various types of pure nickel, binary alloys Ni-Cu, Ni-Si or Ni-Mo, ternary alloys, type Ni-Cr-Fe, Ni-Cr-Mo etc. and superalloys.

Product form


As an ISO 9001:2008 certified supplier, we will provide alloys, made to your specifications. We maintain a large stock of nickel alloys in the form of ingot, rod and wire and in a multiplicity of diameters. A stock enables us to quickly respond to customer requirements with short lead times.
Our customers are consequently at the core of our business and we aim to continually provide the recipe of quality, responsiveness, delivery and competitive prices.


Our sales team is available for personal consultation at any time. We would be happy to prove the quality of our products and become a competent partner you can rely on. Contact us for order of samples or get commercial offer.

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