Alloy 718

UNS N07718
Werkstoff – Nr. 2.4668
DIN 17744/17752/17753
Alloy 718 (UNS N07718 / 2.4668) is a high-strength alloy with excellent mechanical properties at elevated temperatures, as well as cryogenic temperatures from -253°C to 705°C. It combines high strength in the aged condition with good corrosion resistance and weldability. Typically sold in the solution annealed temper, but can be ordered aged, cold worked, or cold worked & aged.

Chemical composition

Nickel Ni 50.0-55.0% Chromium Cr 17.0-21.0% Molybdenum Mo 2.8-3.3% Manganese Mn 0.35% Silicon Si 0.35% Carbon C 0.08%

Physical properties

Density at room°C

Electrical resistivity at 21°C

Termal conductivity at 21°C

Modulus of Elasticity at room °C

Mean Coefficient Thermal Expansion at 21-93°C

8.22 g/cm3

1.22 Ω mm2/m 11.4 W/m/°C

202 GPa


Mechanical properties


Yield Strength, 0.2

Tensile Strength

Elongation %

Alloy 718




Product forms


    Size, mm   

Condition of supply


0.2 – 12.0

            soft annealed

  stranded wire

5.0 – 60.0

            hot finished
            cold finished
            bright turned
            bright annealed


Uses of this alloy tend to be in the field of gas turbine components and cryogenic storage tanks, jet engines, pump bodies and parts, rocket motors and thrust reversers, nuclear fuel element spacers, hot extrusion tooling. Other popular applications are high strength bolting, and down hole shafting.

Typical Applications for the Alloy 718 include:
  • valves
  • well head completion equipment
  • fasteners
  • blow out preventers (BOPs)
  • tubing hangers
  • mandrels

Our customers can buy Alloy 718 wire online according to their requests.