Alloy 601

UNS N06601
Werkstoff – Nr. 2.4851
DIN 17742/17752/17753
ASTM B166/ STM B168

Alloy 601 is nickel-chromium-iron alloy used for the general-applications that require resistance to heat and corrosion. An outstanding characteristic alloy 601 is its resistance to high temperature oxidation. This nickel alloy has good high temperature strength, and retains its ductility after long service exposure. It has good resistance to aqueous corrosion, high mechanical strength, and is readily formed, machined and welded. However, alloy 601 is not suggested for use in strongly reducing, sulfur bearing environments.

Chemical composition

Iron Fe Bal. Nickel Ni 58.0-63.0% Chromium Cr 21.0-25% Manganese Mn 1.0% Silicon  Si 1.0% Carbon C 0.10%

Physical properties

Density g/cm3

Electrical resistivity at 20°C Ω mm2/m

Melting point °C

Curie Temperature °C

Specific Heat J/kg•°C

Thermal expansion ppm/°C
23 до 200°C

Termal conductivity at 20°C (W/m/°C )


1.18 1360-1411





Mechanical properties


Heat treatment condition

Tensile Strength

Elongation %

Alloy 601

Annealing treatment



Product forms


    Size, mm   

Condition of supply


0.2 – 12.0

            soft annealed

  stranded wire

5.0 – 60.0

            hot finished
            cold finished
            bright turned
            bright annealed


In the sector of elevated temperatures, Alloy601 has a wide variety of applications. Apart from applications in furnace construction, chemical processing, pollution control and power generation, there is a variety of further purposes, i.e.:
  • trays, baskets and fixtures used in various heat treatments such as carburizing and carbon nitriding
  • refractory anchors, strand annealing and radiant tubes, high velocity gas burners, wire mesh belts etc.
  • insulating cans in ammonia reformers and catalyst support grids used in nitric acid production.
  • thermal reactors in exhaust system of petrol engines
  • fabricated combustion chambers
  • tube supports and ash trays in the power generation industry

Our customers can buy Alloy 601 wire online according to their requests.

 Alloy 601 datasheet. Download(214KB)