The Congress took place in Krakow, Poland on 8th of October. In the forum participated representatives of the leading international companies from metallurgical, automotive, machine-building and other industries. Reports were made by top managers of the large companies such as Ford Motor Company, Seco/Warwock and SMS Elotherm.

Participants of the professional meeting discussed the following issues: innovative solutions proposed for heat treatment of details produced from heat resisting alloys and steel in protective atmospheres, projects in the field of smelting modeling and heat treatment, and also new quantitative techniques of quality assessment of produced products.

"Representatives of the Vladimir Plant ofVZPS presented its production on the international heat treatment congress 2014 in Europe Precision Alloys held a series of fruitful negotiations with clients and partners of the congress, moreover, new mutually beneficial contacts were established", - the CEO of JSC VZPS A. Kachevan said.

Profile thematic congresses will take place until the end of the current year in India, Mexico, the USA, Spain and Brazil.

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