Test laboratory of Vladimir plant of precision alloys passed the evaluation of conformity with accreditation criteria and according to the results of technical inspection confirmed its professional competency in testing.

Производственная лаборатория ВЗПС аккредитована в соответствии с ГОСТ ИСО/МЭК 17025-2009 и СДА-15-2009The Commission estimated technical facilities of the laboratory, internal and external control conducted in the laboratory, quality of analysis and testing, qualification and competence of staff. According to the results of independent expert evaluation of competence, ZAO “VZPS” obtained certificate №IL/LRI-00923. It confirms accreditation of factory laboratory in capacity of destructive and other types testing laboratory in accordance with the requirements of GOST ISO/IEC 17025-2009 “General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories” and SAR-15-2009 “Requirements for test laboratories”.

Accreditation of ZAO "VZPS" laboratory includes the following testing methods and measurements:
  • mechanical static tests, including tensile strength test of thin sheets, wire, pipes, reinforcing steel, welded joints of metallic materials;
  • hardness measurement, conforming to the requirement of Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell;
  • corrosion tests, including intergranular corrosion test;
  • material structure investigation: metallurgical study, estimation of the number of non-metallic inclusions, determining grade of grain, the content of the ferritic phase, macroscopic and microscopic analysis, including analysis of fractures of welded joints;
  • study of the content elements: spectral and photoelectric spectral analysis.

"The laboratory has a key role at products` quality control that is essential to our business. Accreditation of the laboratory is a confirmation of up-to-date facilities of our research centre and high qualification of our specialists" - said General Director of Vladimir plant of precision alloys Alexander Korolev.

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