In order to increase production capacities of a thin wire from nickel based alloys the Plant has purchased and implemented additional rolling mills of wet drawing.

With this method of manufacturing wire is plunged into solution of lubricant cooling liquid and stretched through die holes. For thin and thinnest drawing – diamond dies are used. The smaller diameter of manufactured wire is, the more solid and fine-grained should be material of the die. The use of diamond dies allows to produce high-quality wire with stable operational characteristics. It also reduces periods of technological downtime with the help of using special lubricant cooling liquid.

A new rolling mill allows to outcome wires with diameter from 0,2 mm to 1,2 mm. The range of alloys varies from rather soft copper-nickel, including Nickel Chromium (NiCr 80/20), to hard precision alloys with prescribed tension properties alloy, such as 36НХТЮ (FeNiCrTiAl~46-36-12-4-1). After light annealing the wire is wind up on DIN 125, DIN 160 or DIN 200 coils and packed into cardboard boxes.

"Tests of the wire made on the new equipment, showed high quality of surface, guided dimensions accuracy and meaningful rates of resistance. Quality of production made on wet drawing rolling mills is confirmed by results of tests in the Russian and German laboratories", - mentioned on the interview Alexander Kachevan - the General Director of JSC VZPS.

VZPS is specializing in production of special alloys: precision, high-temperature and heat-resistance. Ingots, hot-rolled and cold-drawn bars, cold-drawn strips, hot-rolled and calibrated wires and other products can be offered as the end-product for the consumers.

For additional information please send the preliminary application at the address export@vlzps .ru. Our technical experts will help you to specify parameters and make decision about suitable product for your application.

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