Alloys are specified by design for mechanical characteristics, corrosion and electrical resistance, working temperature and geometrical tolerances. Quality of materials in 99,9 % guaranteed at our plant by Positive Material Identification, but any process require to be verified.

Once a year we choose random materials from production for testing it at internationally independent well-known laboratories. In august 2014 quality of VZPS materials was evaluated by independent laboratory in Germany.

Final report demonstrates advantages of NiCr, Alloy 200 and Alloy 600 wires manufactured by VZPS in comparison to original properties of materials produced according to DIN 17470, DIN 17753, ISO 9724 ASTM B 160, ASTM B166 standards.

Due to increasing of quality level all processes such as design, development, melting, manufacturing and sales are ruled by quality management system and PMI implemented on all production stages at Vladimir Plant of Precision Alloys.

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