Vladimir Plant of Precision Alloys products have already crossed the ocean and are supplied not only to Europe, but also to other continents. At the Fabtech exhibition in Chicago, plant representatives will meet their American customers and hold a series of negotiations with partners and new customers.
The FABTECH Exhibition – is the recognized leader among the industrial exhibitions of USA. It has been held for 36 years already, according to statistics, almost 60% of visitors during the year fr om all the exhibitions are held only at this large-scale event. FABTECH-2017 on its 750,000 square meters of floor space is projected to collect 1,700 exhibitors and 50,000 professional visitors from the whole world.

Vladimir plant of precision alloys at FABTECH-2017 will show bars and wire from nickel alloys:456.jpg
• Welding materials for MIG / MAG (GMAW), TIG (GTAW), SAW
• Electrical resistant alloys
• High-temperature and corrosion-resistant alloys
• Pure wrought nickel

All the products are manufactured in accordance with international standards DIN, AWS, ASTM and are being exported to 30 countries.

FABTECH represents the whole range of equipment and technologies for metal processing, pipe production, and welding. It gives exhibitors and visitors the opportunity to see new products and discover new solutions in these industries.

The exhibition will take place in November 6-9, 2017 in Chicago, in the McCormick Place exhibition center. The place is convenient for professional meetings, wh ere world-class suppliers gather annually. We invite you! Stand of the VZPS №С41218.

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